Hi y'all! Nope. Again.

Hellö! I'm Buğra (pron. 'boo-ruh', hence the silent g logo on the homepage) the first and only 'Something Designer' who is not comfortable limiting himself with specific titles in the age of design, where the lines are blurred more than ever between specializations. But I'm not just that, I'm also a Mixed-Media Artist, a dad, a football player and a hero.

Born in 1990, Ankara/Turkey, I studied Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Digital Design; in Turkey, Poland, the USA, and the Netherlands. Whether or not I got a degree from those studies, they all shaped how I approach design problems in different ways and helped me to become the multi-perspective something designer that I am today.

My interests and experiences include, but not limited to, user-centered design, UI/UX design, brand creation + strategy, interactive art + installations, and marketing.

Would you like to work together? Then, you know what to do. (hint: they include @'s.)