Hey there! I'm Buğra (pron. boo-ra, hence the crossed over ğ logo on the homepage) Kantar, a Berlin-based visual designer.

Born in 1990, Ankara/Turkey throughout the years I have been specialized in visual design; with foundation in interior architecture, I have studied graphic design, fine arts, and digital design in Turkey, Poland, the USA and the Netherlands. Also had an opportunity to teach Typography for a semester to sophomore students at Ohio University as part of my graduate teaching assistant grant responsibilities. All these studies have shaped how I approach design problems in different ways and helped me to become the multi-perspective visual designer that I am today.

So far in my professional experience along with many visual design, brand, online product and marketing material creations I got the chance to work as a creative director for international out-of-home launch campaigns, create the visual branding (as well as its web page and venue design) of a 200+ attendee HR conference, design (UI/UX, visual branding, art direction) a media platform for developers from scratch, work with local branches of brands like Nike, Sephora, Puma, Toyota and with Disney International on their local marketing efforts while working at Turkey's biggest e-commerce company.

My experience and interests include but not limited to UI/UX design, UX (micro copy) writing, creative direction, marketing, brand creation and visualisation, creative strategy, installations, interactive art, marketing, conceptualization, user research and interaction design.

Would you like to work together? Then, don't hesitate to contact me!